Videos 06 Dec '11

Pushing The Scene – A Dubstep Documentary

The title of this documentary is “Pushing The Scene – Tensions and Emergence in an Accelerated Marketplace Culture” which is all fine and well – but it reads a little bit like a music lecture title, and ultimately it’s more than that. The video visits a few places and gets some fairly up to date opinions on where dubstep as a scene stands now, and where it might be going.

There are some nice pieces with a few heads, and some nicely thought out voice-over explanations, and ultimately I’d say it was insightful, although I think we’re all agreed that dubstep is changing, whether it’s for better or worse.

I’m slowly drifting from dubstep elsewhere, finding my own feet and exploring my own avenues, but for those who need a catalyst to delve in to more traditional dubstep, or who need a push to explore their own sub-culture, this is a great piece, and well worth a watch.

Check it on Vimeo here, if the above video fails.

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