Videos 06 Nov '12

FaltyDL – Straight & Arrow from new album – Hardcourage [Ninja Tune]

One of the highlights of my DJ career thus far, was being able to play alongside FaltyDL at Percussion Lab in Brooklyn. His music and that night are a couple of the many reasons I’m so keen to get back over to NYC and immerse myself in that culture.

I guess I have veign hopes that surrounding myself with the right people will put me in good stead musically. Who knows.

Still, it’s with an air of delight that I present Drew’s newest album teaser – in the form of a video for the track Straight & Arrow.

All bouncy vibes and synth-led house, it’s exactly the sort of tracks I’ve been enjoying lately. Check it for yourself above.

January 22nd is the official release date for the album Hardcourage on Ninja Tune. Tracklist below:

01 Stay I’m Changed
02 She Sleeps feat. Ed Macfarlane
03 Straight & Arrow
04 Uncea
05 For Karme
06 Finally Some Shit/The Rain Stopped
07 Kenny Rolls One
08 Korban Dallas
09 Re Assimilate
10 Bells

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