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Various – Content And Function [Plus Ultra]

31. January 2016

The low down

Plus Ultra is a new label from producer Croft, based out of Nottingham, UK.

Although I don’t know about the necessity or uniqueness of their aim “to create an effective combination of music and art”, I do very much support their goal “to create a wave within the electronic music scene showing the strength of less known musicians.”

Their first release “Content And Function” (landing some time in February) seems to combine the kind of raw-edged, overdriven, relentless, smash-head techno sounds that are all the rage these days with some less intense numbers like a piece from the label owner himself titled “Voyage”.

That said, he soon puts to rest any rumours that he might have gone soft with a giant 4-4 techno monster “Chordal” later in the compilation.

What turned my head towards the release was the involvement of a Russian artist I’ve released on both Cut and Brightest Dark Place; Moduleset.

His weighty track “Sleeper Cell” takes a less up-front approach to the techno on display, and alongside Argentinian FU-5 they provide the penultimate tracks on the compilation and perhaps a little respite from what could otherwise be a rather full-on smattering of techno bits and bobs.

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