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Synkro – Memories (2008-2011)

25. January 2017
Synkro – Memories (2008-2011)

The low down

I remember meeting Synkro (AKA Joe McBride) one summer years ago in a small public garden in Manchester. Him, Liam (Indigo), a friend of theirs who did shirt screen-printing and another producer called Biome. This was back before he and Liam were working as Akkord, and before both of them really blew up.

Joe had a few really solid releases under his belt (plus a remix for my own work as DFRNT), and had been working on some Autonomic-style 170 stuff, which he was happy to let me listen to, and I remember thinking that it was commendable how he was able to comfortably switch genre without losing what made his sound unique. I think that track ended up going to Exit Records.

I also remember bumping into him a few years later in Belgium where we were both playing consecutively at a music festival (incidentally one of my biggest crowds to date) and he ended up showing me the stuff he and Liam (now producing as Ancestral Voices) had been working on together as Akkord, and it really blew me away.

It seems each time I meet Joe, he is able to inspire me in ways I never expected, and both him and Liam have always done that for me, both with their conversation and with their musical output. For the longest time I was really keen to move to Manchester and immerse myself in their world. Alas that’s not happened yet.

The result of this, however is that I often feel like I’m very in-tune with their releases. Joe’s work – whatever form it takes – often has me listening intently to see if I can understand his production methods, and get my head around his sound design.

So it’s actually great news to see that he’s been able to sort out another release on Apollo (seemingly his new home after 2015’s album Changes) which brings us 17 of his early pieces from labels like Smokin’ Sessions, Blackout, Box Clever, Med School and Exit Records.

What better way to bring a more definitive example of his rise through the ranks of deep electronic music? I have most of his EPs and early releases already in one format or another, but there’s something quite satisfying about having this retrospective collection in one set. If for nothing else, than to re-ignite some of the inspiration that allowed me to push my own productions to the next level.

Memories drops on 24th February on Apollo Records. Make sure you check it out! You can even pre-order at Boomkat.

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