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Subject Lost – The Archives of Expo Nova

5. February 2017

The low down

Sci-fi is a love of mine. Not that I’m super-knowledgeable about it, or that I have seen any of the classics, but I love the genre and will quite happily sit through a couple of hours of mind-bending futurey stuff.

Anything with big spaceships, the future, time travel, stuff in space or any combination of this stuff with lazers thrown in for good measure is a win in my book.

So the cover for Subject Lost’s new LP “The Archives of Expo Nova” pretty much had me from the get-go.

Lucky for him (Prague-based musician Petr Adamec) the music is more than good enough to back it up and could quite easily soundtrack something that the epic cover suggests.

From the blurb:

Story of The Archives starts at the point where Expo Nova LP ended. A science fiction movie without images that follows history (depending on the perspective) of mankind through the story of the Expo Nova spaceship. Influenced by ambient, post-rock and autonomic drum&bass.

Need I say more? Loads of boxes being ticked for me there. Don’t waste any more time, and just go check it out.

Maybe someone will pick this guy up for some soundtrack work and next time we see some Hollywood buffoon faffing about in a space-suit on the outside of an unrealistically big spaceship, it’ll be to the sounds of Subject Lost!

Buy the full album here.

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