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SO Playlist 003 – SOAME

26. February 2016

The low down

Swiss DJ and producer SOAME presents our latest playlist with a fine selection of deep house and techno.

SOAME’s latest release “Backyard” on Colour Series is a perfect example of clean-cut well-executed deep tech-house. It’s available to buy now.

And here’s what the man had to say about his playlist selections:


  1. SOAME – Wateva
  2. André Hommen – Introspectral
  3. Second Line – Alt240
  4. Animal Trainer – Trial and Error
  5. Dario D’Attis & Reto Ardour – Virtual Mood
  6. Smash TV – LFO my Ass
  7. David Keno – Yikes
  8. Jem Haynes & SOAME – Light
  9. Emanuel Satie – Come as you are
  10. SOAME – Backyard

SOAME – Wateva

A track of my new EP “Backyard” on Colour Series. I’m really happy and proud that I got great feedbacks from other artists and John Digweed and Claude VonStroke played it on their radio shows.

André Hommen – Introspectral

I love the music of André Hommen. Battery Park killed it but I love the vibe of this new tune of him.

Second Line – Alt240

Two really good friends with their own EP on Colour Series. This tune just makes me bounce my head all the time.

Animal Trainer – Trial and Error

Two Swiss guys and friends of mine that I always have a great time with and I’m really happy to play sometimes at their wicked party series “Rakete” at Hive Club Zürich. They also have their studio in the same building as I do and so we see us a lot in coffee breaks.

Dario D’Attis & Reto Ardour – Virtual Mood

Dario always makes great tunes with the real groove going on. This time he matches up with Reto Ardour and this tune is just wicked. Both will play at my Festival in Arosa that is always in March for a whole Week – Arosa Electronica.

Smash TV – LFO my Ass

Two crazy funny dudes. I saw them now a couple of times life and they are amazing. Love their groove and vibe when they play live and I also like their productions.

David Keno – Yikes

David made two remixes for me in 2015. First “Lake” for me and Jem Haynes on Colour Series and then for my Solo EP on Esance. A great guy and even greater artist. This original of him on Snatch really goes.

Jem Haynes & SOAME – Light

This track was the first tune that really hit the spot and got lots of attention in the artist scene. So we were really happy after all these years of producing in the studio that finally one track really hit the spot and got the attention of Pete Tong who played it in his BBC 1 radio show and Anja Schneider, who played it in several sets and radio shows.

Emanuel Satie – Come as you are

Big tune. That’s it. Just a killer. One of the tracks since a long time where I actually couldn’t wait for the release date and actually made a not in my agenda to get it straight away from the release date. Sadly didn’t had the promo. So Emanuel: Send me your promos in the future…

SOAME – Backyard

Good afternoon tune or to make a nice finish to a great night. Chilled vibes with a good groove. I hope this also rounds up this playlist and makes you keen for more sound of SOAME.

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