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SO Playlist 001 – Paul Valentin

10. February 2016

The low down

German cinematic electronic music producer Paul Valentin could not be a more ideal producer to kick off our playlists series.

Combining electronic and acoustic, analogue and digital, the organic productions on his latest EP “Inner Harm” (out on Dark Matters on 15th Feb) speak volumes of his inspirations and musical upbringing, but for those not attuned to interpretation, here is a playlist and some discussion from the man himself.


  1. Anton Feine – The Sun
  2. Drew Gragg – Can’t Forget
  3. Detmolt – Cleo
  4. Veroníque Vaka – Borg4413
  5. Locked Groove – Scherzo
  6. Four Tet – Jupiters (Happa Remix)
  7. Nicolas Jaar – Why Didn’t You Save Me
  8. Olafur Arnalds – Hands, Be Still
  9. Paul Valentin – Aurore feat. Veroníque (Beatless Version)
  10. Douglas Dare – Swim (Rival Consoles Remix)

Anton Feine – The Sun

I love discovering new sounds and unknown artists on Soundcloud. This intriguing track is exemplary for those many free high quality tracks there.

Drew Gragg – Can’t Forget

I follow Drew Gragg on Soundcloud almost since day 1. His sound is unique and he’s such a humble and likable person who I really would enjoy meeting in real life one day to have long discussions about music and production.

Detmolt – Cleo

Detmolt is a dear friend of mine who I admire for his positivity and clarity in his tracks. Two things that you won’t find in mine. Both of us keep wondering how that might sound together?

Veroníque Vaka – Borg4413

Vero’s tracks reflect the fog, sorrowfulness and darkness of Iceland (as I know it from pictures). I was dragged into this track immediately and I don’t want to find the way out.

Locked Groove – Scherzo

He did a killer remix on my Inner Harm EP. Scherzo is the track that you may hear in a club at 6 am that prevents you from leaving.

Four Tet – Jupiters (Happa Remix)

Last summer I played a lot of unofficial open-airs in cologne with my friends from laut und illegal. Love the moment when it gets bright, I begin to recognise all those happy, destroyed people and then I would play the Happa remix of Jupiters.

Nicolas Jaar – Why Didn’t You Save Me

One of the few songs where the music incorporates the lyrics so seamlessly. Or the other way around, I don’t know.

Olafur Arnalds – Hands, Be Still

There is no bad weather in November. Deepest fog and rain together with a hot chocolate and this track makes me enjoy my glumness.

Paul Valentin – Aurore feat. Veroníque (Beatless Version)

Solely equipped with my Zoom H1, guitar and laptop I wrote this piece in 2013. Vero was in Iceland, I was in France. Her cello completed my thoughts and empty spaces.

Douglas Dare – Swim (Rival Consoles Remix)

Non-interchangeable voice, powerful remix, inspiring label!

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