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Sasha – Scene Delete

16. March 2016

The low down

I’ll be honest. I’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to Sasha.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t buy all the singles, or follow him round the world. I don’t know if I even rate his DJ sets all that much these days.

But boy oh boy do I love Airdrawndagger and the Involver mix series. Oh and holy fuck, that soundtrack for Globe’s New Emissions Of Light And Sound (anybody who’s not put that on at 3am and zoned out for 40 odd minutes has not lived).

And sure, some might give it all this chat about Charlie May, and how it was mostly him, and give me some shit about how Spooky’s stuff is great (which it is) but I just can’t help but get real excited about this new Sasha album “Scene Delete”.

I’m also torn. Between wanting to wax lyrical about how it might be the best thing ever, and this notion that as soon as it drops, everybody’s going to be masturbating themselves inside out over it, and it’s not like he needs the extra press, right?

But, fuck it. I like the sound of it – and for me, it’s possibly a welcome return to Sasha’s synthy goodness.

According to Billboard:

“I think this album is acting as a split in my career,” he says. “Before I was always trying to combine everything into one sound… this is going to be the split.” While he’s not leaving the club world behind in any sense, he hints at a larger vision at play: “Maybe take what I do in the studio with synthesizers and incorporate more of an orchestra in it…”

And yeah it’s 21 songs. TWENTY ONE. That’s like, almost too much, you know?

Can you tell I’m excited?

It’s out April 1st – so fingers crossed it’s not some stupid April fool’s joke.

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