White Asega
Releases 12 Feb '13

Jack Dixon – Those Questions EP – White Asega

Mr Dixon has launched a new “pay what you like” type label called White Asega, with an interesting looking list of forthcoming names too.

When I started Cut, I wanted to set a bit of a precedent for net labels. Providing the music for free (or a donation if you feel that way) meant that there was a stigma attached to it, but through packaging the release properly, giving it the same care and attention you would if you were curating a regular vinyl release and getting mastering and artwork done properly, I felt it was possible to remove that stigma, and give the music a viable chance.

It looks like Jack has really gone to town on the aesthetic here too, which I think should excellently support the music he plans to release on the label.

Kicking off with his own EP, he’s got things up and running over at http://www.whiteasega.com/ so I suggest you pay the site a visit and grab yourself the first EP today.

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