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Project: Mooncircle | 15th Anniversary Documentary

8. January 2017

The low down

There are not many independent record labels out there with the breadth and consistency of Project Mooncircle. Especially not labels that have been going for 15 years now.

With a wealth of releases and artists that they nurture and work with, PMC is a shining example of what an indie label looks like and how it should work.

As part of their 15th Anniversary celebrations, they have produced a more-or-less feature-length documentary about the label, featuring a bunch of their artists as well as both Gordon and Malte, co-CEOs.

If you’re looking for an insight, as well as some fresh inspiration musically, I suggest you set aside the best part of an hour and digest this one.

Also, props to Sam (Rain Dog) for mentioning me and Cut Records at the start!

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