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Owl, ILL K & Dyl – Infinite Vision of Space EP

17. February 2016

The low down

As far as deep spacey half-time explorations go, Absys have got thingsĀ covered with their latest release from Owl, ILL K and Dyl.

Those who have a penchant for monosyllabic producers to save precious conversation time should rejoice. All three aliases involved here are truly gruntable.

The music however, is quite the opposite – vast sounds, spacious explorations and layers of heavy duty sounds present a strong 170-based EP and anybody who wants to straddle the divide between Akkord, ASC, Doc Scott and some of the murky, dungeon-sound producers would be well placed to get their leg over this lot.

Available now digitally to spend your real pennies on, you can get all the info, the buy links and a generous splattering of artist info from the Absys release page.

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