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Marsman – Shokcwavv (Generate Remix)

5. March 2016

The low down

“Nah, dude. I’m not really into glitch stuff” your roommate says as you try to tell them about this new jam you’re into.

“It’s always too harsh and stuttery, you know? Like, the guys are just running their shit through Max and fucking it up willy-nilly.”

You try to reason with them, but they’re stubborn, and refuse to budge.

A few days later, you leave your bedroom door open, and blast this track from Generate and your roomie comes walking through, all nonchalant-like giving it chat like “hey, um, who… What is this stuff man? It’s… It’s sounding pretty sweet. Like Boards of Canada meets Machinedrum, on some Autonomic tip or something.”

And you just swivel round in your cheap faux-leather chair, give them a wry smile and say “I thought you didn’t like glitch music?”

Buy the remix on Marsman’s Subconscious EP, or the original on his Conscious Mind EP.

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