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Lynch Kingsley – Eden EP

7. March 2016

The low down

It’s not always easy to bash out a drum & bass belter these days.

Sure, you can fuck about with the breaks, and you can stick some pads on, add a big silly bassline and if you get the ride-loop just right you might have a roller worthy of a bit of airplay on some regional-stroke-web-based radio show.

But crafting something a little more well-considered and, dare I say it “intelligent” (shit, here we go) is not quite as easy and your average loop-n-paste business.

Which brings me to the latest EP from Lynch Kingsley. Just bumped out on INP:Digital (Inperspective Records) on Friday, this one has the care an attention of any Autonomic-style emotive synth sequence and pad-laden intro.

Not only that but is has the right amount of chop-n-paste Doc-Scott-yourself breaks to push it well into rather delectable experimental territory (which is essentially a pre-requisite for any 170bpm set I’d be doing these days).

So, check the clips, and then click-yourself over to the Bandcamp page and snap them up for the cost of an imported Curly Wurly at Disneyland.

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