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It’s time…

28. January 2016
It’s time…

The low down

Time I pulled the blogging finger out and resurrected this site.

Jerked it back from the edge of extinction, like some inane child pulling a cat’s leg just for shits and giggles.

This time I’ll be posting the high quality aural goodness, and keeping a careful eye on curation.

No room for mediocrity, and none of your piss poor non-news posts about what fuckwit celebrity has beef with Kanye’s goldfish, and nothing about the latest suicidally snooze-worthy pop-bint and how taking all her music off Spotify is the best thing she’s ever been told not to do.

The way I look at it is, there are far too many shit blogs out there, and not enough posting about the music and stuff I rate, and if you want something done (and done properly, mind, not just half-assed) then get it done yourself.

So here I am, DIY-ing the fuck out of the music industry, so you can all get your fill of quality choons, either via this sleek-as-heck website, or straight into your ruddy inboxes.

So stick your email address on the list, join us in our little non-abused corner of Facebook, follow the hell out of us on Soundcloud or watch us scream sweet-nothings into the ether on Twitter.

Prepare to simultaneously have your eye and ear-holes caressed as if by a butterfly’s feather duster, and utterly smashed in like the nastiest gore-movie finale you’ve never seen.

It’s time to wrap your massive sticky-out ears round something worthwhile.

If you just read this, and also use Facebook, be an absolute legend and give us a cheeky like!

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