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Gidge – Lulin

3. February 2016

The low down

Get your Nordic ambient waders on, this one’s deeper than lake Vänern.

Swedish soft-focus electronic experimentalists Gidge, are back with something that might get you a little moist if you’re the sort who gets turned on by hazy audio and video, and the prospect of deep emotional electronica coming from relatively remote coastal-towns in Scandinavia.

Lulin is a joint creation between Gidge, film production company Lampray and arts platform Norr – all friends from school in Umeå, Sweden.

Usually, a film comes with a soundtrack and an album comes with music videos, but Gidge and Lampray wanted to make something different: a project where film and music are separate, yet strongly connected.

The idea behind the Lulin project started six years ago with a noise on the roof and subtle creaking in the walls. It was an autumn night, and Ludvig was currently living alone in the old bakers cabin on his mother’s farm. The strange noises frightened him, but he was all alone and simply had to deal with it. If you see or hear something that is unexplainable, and you have no one there to share it with – what do you do? This slowly grew into an idea, and a mystical being called Lulin.

So there you have it. Not only do we get treated to new music from Gidge, we get a 24 minute film, and two 20+ minute pieces of music derived from Lulin’s lonely world and mind.

The stream above is the last 4 minutes of the A-side “Hon”.

The film revolves around a man (played by Victor Lindgren) who sees something he cannot explain at the edge of the woods surrounding his cabin.

It’s all out on March 18th, and if you buy the vinyl, you get a high quality download of the video to check out.

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