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DJ Tennis – Chirality

17. March 2016

The low down

It’s peak-time in the warehouse, and you’re just done wiping the sweat off your forehead. You’ve been jostled about by big hairy German dudes, and you’re really starting to wonder how much more of this place (and this tech-house) you can take.

But then, out of nowhere this track gets mixed in, you manage to shove your way closer to the front, that last pill you took starts to kick in, and as it turns out, you can last another 3 hours at least. Thanks DJ Tennis.

Manfredi Romano aka DJ Tennis shapes this treasure, a release that is decisively out of the box; a small cathedral made of subtle shades and unusual EQ’s, where ideas seduce and frighten.

The Divisions/Chirality EP is out on Life and Death on the 30th March – and in addition to this particular cracker, there’s an absolutely mahoosive remix from Plaid (I know! What have they been up to lately?!) – which is worth the price alone if I’m honest.

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