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Caldera – Journey/Valuable

6. February 2016

The low down

If you’re the sort of person who likes their house and deep techno dusty and all slow-like, then this release from UK-based German-import Caldera will be right up your straße.

Journey caters for the relatively mid-tempo techno hypnotists, and might be best used as a warm-up tool, but Valuable is where this limited 7-incher gets it’s oomph.

The dusty and sluggish techno stumbles along with some rather woozy synth layers but believe it or not, probably packs enough punch to work on a big system.

I look forward to the DJs putting it on and trying to work out if they’ve set it to 33rpm by accident.

Grab it on natty hand-stamped 7″ (with sticker and risoprint) on 28th February from Sonic Moiré.

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