Articles 09 Jan '13

Creating A God – The 2999 Project – Call for Submissions

King Deluxe have been running the 2999 project for a little while now, and it’s an interesting concept. Pairing visual artists with producers for interpretations of the future.

This time round they’ve had the artwork done first – this pretty incredible concept piece, and they’re looking for producers to submit a soundtrack to the piece.

The most fitting track will be chosen to join the ranks of Slugabed, Strangeloop, Raffertie, Krumble, I.D., Jason Forrest, Peter Popken and many others that have contributed already. You have until Friday, February 15th to complete and submit your work to our soundcloud group…

The SoundCloud group is here:

More information & full details here:

I’d submit something for this myself if I wasn’t so stupidly busy!

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