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15 Free Cut Tracks

20. February 2016
15 Free Cut Tracks

The low down

Who doesn’t like free music? Even in this day and age, when you can get basically anything for free, there’s still a certain element of delight to be had when you can get yourself some free music, which also has the added benefit of being legit… Too legit to quit.

And to that effect, Cut Records have announced that they’re giving away 15 of their precious exclusive tracks to anybody with an email address, who’s willing to give it up.

Essentially a juicy taster of what the label has to offer, for those who are still swithering (no autocorrect, NOT “slithering”) on whether to subscribe to their barely-bank-busting $2 a month rate.

With an exclusive release every month, for the price of half a Starbucks latte, it’s hard to turn down – and now you know what to expect style and music-wise, it really couldn’t be a better deal.

Shove your precious email address in the box and get that link in your inbox.

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